Moon Shine Blue Right Now

BISS BIS Multi Champion  
Fabulous Fiston Des Dolmen D'an Arvor

International Champion

Patchwork Such A Shame MoonShine

Main Info

Date of Birth: August 30, 2015 - July 14, 2018  Import Italy  ROI15/171365
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 20 kg  Hips: A/A Elbows: 0/0 Teeth: Full Dentition  Bite: Scissors Bite 
HFS4: Clear 
 PRCD: Clear  DM: Clear  CEA: Clear  NCL6: Clear
MH: Clear 
 CMR1: Clear  MDR1: +/- 
Eyes Checked: 17.01.2018 

Eyes Clear: Clear, remark PPM Iris left eye, thin line at pupil bottom. 
Red Tricolor Long Tail 

Thanks to breeder Alessia Righetti and Luca Taciti, kennel Moon Shine Blue.

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Puppy Class
Never Entered
Open Class
1 x CQ, 1 CAC, 1 x BOB
Chasey is only showed two times.

Mental Description Test:
Not tested

Trick Dog:

Trick Dog Register of Merit, TD-ROM


Norstar Aussie Edge Of Tomorrowland
Norstar Aussie A Drop Of Golden Sun
Norstar Aussie Hearth Of Rythm
Norstar Aussie Araising Of Life

Chasey is a sweet female with a soft temper, she's a happy outgoing girl and she always adds plenty of positivity to our family and pack. She's a really funny girl who loves to talk, sing and gossip about everything on her mind all day. Chasey has a medium energy level and working ambitions and would fit excellent for tasks that require high speed and quick decisions. 
She always thinks with her stomach and would probably do anything she was told just to get an extra snack.


International Champion
Patchwork Such A Shame MoonShine 

BISS BIS Multi Champion
Fabulous Fiston Des Dolmen D'an Arvor

Ch. Risingstars Rocky Mountain Outlaw

Bayshore Stonehaven
Simply Devine

INT Ch Shroreland 
Moonshine Skywalker

Int.CH, It.Ch, Slo.Ch, J.It.Ch.
Whoa Black Betty Bablan

Outlaws Million
Dollar Baby


HOF, ASCA Ch, Grand Am. Ch
Creme Brulee  

Bayshore Stonehaven
Simple Life

ASCA Am. Ch 
Islewood Trilogy Of Bayshore

Shoreland Right On
The Money


Belive In Love Of
Crystal Lake

RisingStar's Heaven Sent

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26 months
26 months
26 months
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1 year
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10 months
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8 weeks

 Norstar Aussie

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