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Kennel Norstar Aussie har ett lite oppdrett av Australian Shepherd
lokalisert på Sørlandet.

Puppies born 20.03.24 after Boom & Cherry ♥
More information at our litters page.
You're welcome to contact us for information about upcoming litter plans for 2024.

Send us an email on or visit us on Facebook / Instragram
for more information.


The puppy time at Kennel Norstar Aussie

From the age 1-3 weeks the puppies and their mother lives at our own bedroom. Were they all can feel completely safe and at peace, without contact from visitors or the other dogs. 

When the puppies turns 3 weeks old they moves to our living room where they slowly gets more contact from kids, visitors and our own dogs. Now they start to eat raw food on their own several times each day as well. 
We introduce them to all normal everyday sounds like vacuum cleaner, television and so on. They are also allowed to visit the garden and outdoors area for the first time.

From age 4 - 8 they have experienced several new places inside and outside, we take them out for walk and car trips. We try to visit new and unexplored areas such as the woods and beach. As a breeder we try to give them as many positive impressions as possible.

During the grow up time all our dogs lives inside our house, we never keep them living separated in kennel houses. They are always treated as our family members. Together with our adults dogs who also lives inside with us.

We work hard to give them all the necessary building blocks for a good start in life, and also for further development. 


 Norstar Aussie

Australian Shepherd

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