Prison Break

FI SE CH HeJW12 Glenhouse's Youre MyHero
x Fraytal Upon Your Desire

May 17, 2018
3 males and 6 females


EE CH EE JCH Peak River Wow Paws Jump High 
x Moon Shine Blue Right Now

June 22, 2018
1 male and 4 females

Peaky Blinders

NUCH D'Azumoon Enjoy Me Forever To Hr
x Fraytal Upon Your Desire

February 24, 2020
3 males and 3 females

Sleepy Hollow

Racing Horses

Evening Mantra's

JCH Northbay X'sells Drop Tuck N Roll 
X NUCH D'Azumoon Eyes On Me

RLI RLII Norstar Aussie Heart Of Rhythm 
x RLI Norstar Aussie Rates Of Exchange

Aolani's Maisilva Defender Of The Lords 
x RLI Norstar Aussie A Drop Of Golden Sun

August 02, 2020
7 males and 2 females

February 28, 2021
5 males and 1 female

June 05, 2021
3 males and 4 females


 Norstar Aussie

Australian Shepherd