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News 2023

Health News 

NUCH RLI Norstar Aussie Prisoners Dilemma *Bobby*
* Eyes: Cataract Cortical right eye.

Bobby has sadly gone from all clear to Cataract in the Cortical of the right eye. He is no longer available for breeding. We had one litter after Bobby in 2022 before his remark was discovered. We do not have any offspring's or relatives for breeding due to this new information.

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Health News 

Norstar Aussie Edge Of Tomorrowland *Kiani*
* Eyes: Clear 2023 (Distichiasis)


February 13

16.02.22 - 13.02.23 ♥

 Northbay Xsell's Wicked VooDoo *Wix*


From the beginning Wix quickly got critical sick. She was under a long treatment but sadly she was suffering from organ failure and her liver and bile acid was shutting down causing complete intoxication and neurological seizures. Sadly there was nothing left to try than to give her final peace.

We're grateful to Karen and her family for giving Wix the best and loving co-home ♥


Pregnancy Confirmed!

Litter expected in March after
 Intrepid Aussies Challenger
x RLI Norstar Aussie Revolution

For more information take a look at our Puppies page.

Malin Abrahamsen - litter announcement.jpg

 Norstar Aussie

Australian Shepherd

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